The Fear Syndrome cover coming soon!

The Fear Syndrome cover coming soon + jacket copy  The incredibly talented James Egan of Bookfly Design is now working on the cover for The Fear Syndrome (aka Aurora Donati #2). I am working on the jacket copy to go on the back. In the next two weeks, I should have a finished cover (and what the book is about) to show you! The banner above is a portion of his cover for Aurora’s first adventure, The Entity Game.   

Derek is finishing the production on The Solstice Countdown audiobook! Then I’ll need to re-record a few tiny sections here and there. We’re still shooting for release by the end of November via Audible.  

Ten days until the Second Annual Franklin All Nighter, October 28-29. We’re running/walking all night, dusk til dawn to raise money for mental health services on UNC’s campus and the Chapel Hill community. Last year, I volunteered; this year I’m running (well, walking really fast). I’d be honored if you’d sponsor me. Even a few dollars would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way — just like me (hopefully). I’d love to log 20 miles. 27 (26.2 is a marathon) would be great (and a miracle). Hey, a girl’s gotta have goals. You can make your tax-deductible donation here:

AND. . .If you’re local (or will be in the Chapel Hill area the last weekend in October), register to run with us! Music, food all night, great people (including yours truly), and you’ll get this one-of-a-kind race t-shirt!
Register to run here: